Mum spends £250 on planner for kid’s party but gets six plates of food for 28 guests

Mum spends £250 on planner for kid’s party but gets six plates of food for 28 guests

A mum has expressed her frustration toward a party planner after claiming she spent £250 on a party for her daughter’s 10th birthday – only to be given just six plates of nibbles to feed 28 guests.

Ashley Black insists that she asked the party planner twice about the budget for the event and was assured that there would “definitely” be enough food available for her daughter and her 28 friends.

But when the party took place last month, the children were faced with just six “laughable” plates of nibbles containing a few cocktail sausages, mini sausage rolls, sandwiches, scotch eggs, and crisps.

Ashley claims her husband Stuart then had to rush to a local shop to spend a further £45 on crisps, hotdogs, and pizzas so that the children didn’t go hungry while at the party.

The mum also asserts that she was refused a refund from the party planner, and was told they would only contribute towards the cost of the extra food.

After reportedly being blocked by the company, Ashley went on to leave a scathing review of the party on Facebook along with a photo of the food she claims was provided – leaving social media users to brand it a “disgrace”.

Ashley, from Falkirk, Scotland, said: “I have unfortunately been put into this situation where I feel I must write this review to alert others to the disgusting, disrespectful and childish behaviour and customer service provided by this ‘business’.

“I booked [the event planner] for my daughter’s 10th birthday party in June. I spoke to Steph from the first contact. I was told by Steph, many times what I would receive for the £250 I was paying her.

“I paid Steph a £50 deposit followed by the remaining balance 1 week before the party date. The party day came and Steph arrived 10 mins before the party started, to set up.

“Steph had told me that she would provide all of the food for my daughter’s 28 guests, this was included in the price. I had asked her two times if there would definitely be enough food for 28 children, to which she replied there definitely would be.

“There was certainly not! I have attached the picture of the food that was provided. After seeing the morsel of food, my husband and I realised we would have to go out and get more!

“My husband spent £45 at Tesco buying pizza, hotdogs, crisps etc to feed our party guests! This of course meant he missed a large part of his daughter’s party!

“At the end of the party, Steph approached me and asked if I was happy with everything. I replied that I have a few things I was unhappy with and asked if I could speak with her about them. I raised my complaints [and] Steph got upset and said she would speak with me the next day.

“She didn’t contact me, so I then contacted her. (That’s poor customer service). From here Steph went on to act like a victim, she accused me of being threatening, and shouting at her, backing her into a corner and frightening her. This of course was completely untrue, the parents who were collecting their children can confirm that.

“I asked Steph for a refund. I wanted the money back that we had to pay out of our pocket to provide food, I wanted the money back for the items she didn’t provide and I wanted the difference for the piece of material she provided instead of the sequins wall.

“Steph refused and instead offered to give us back half of the money spent at Tesco.

“I have contacted a lawyer who has passed this case onto consumer rights. After a further message to Steph as advised by my lawyer, Steph has blocked me. How very mature and again, great customer service!

“This woman cannot be trusted. Her customer service is disgusting, to say the least. This is a very simple problem which could easily have been resolved.

“She lied about what I was paying for and did not provide what was promised. I would save my money and book someone who knows how business works.”

The party planner has since responded in her own post and has claimed that Ashley has created a “vendetta” against her and her business as she defended herself from the criticism.

Part of her post read: “I am well aware of a lady posting on every Facebook page and group that she can to tarnish and slander me and my business.

“As she was the one who initially said she was going to contact lawyers I also did. Mine advised me not to have any contact with her so that her lawyer and mine would communicate with each other.

“All I want to say on the matter is I will not let one customer out of all the customers I have had ruin what I have worked hard to create for kids and adults with their parties and special occasions. I know in my heart that I do a good job and all I care about I the kids being happy with their birthday.

“It has been one disgruntled person who has now created a vendetta against me and my business.

“I can definitely put my hands up and agree that I’m not perfect and some jobs could definitely have been better but every day I’m learning like every other human being is.”

The posts have split the opinion of people online, with some claiming the party planner’s food spread was a “disgrace”, and others reassuring her that she just “can’t please everyone”.

The event planner did not respond to a request for comment.